Uses of Essential Oils


Essential oils's usesJust add 3-6 aromatherapy essential oil drops into a shot of 6 ml vegetable oil bath foam. Dilute the mixture into water and stay in it for 20 minutes allowing the essential oil to infiltrate the skin while you enjoy the steam perfume. Choose an essential oil according to your mood: Rosemary or Sage oil in order to have a good start of your day; Lavender, Citronella or Melissa oil in order to calm and relax in the evening.


Essential oils's usesAdd 3 drops of essential oils into 6 ml massage oil (approximately 1 small spoon) or into milky water. Choose an aromatherapy essential oil accordingly to your mood or condition: Camomile and Lavender oil after depilation; Savory, Ylang – Ylang and Cedar oil for a sensual massage.


Essential oils's usesAromatherapy essential oils are applied as individual perfumes or in combination. They can be used just for pleasure or in order to improve the effect of other aromatherapy applications. Add 2-6 drops into 6 ml of basic almond oil, Grape seed oil or Jojoba oil. For a pleasing perfume try a blend of Geranium and Mandarin oil. Men can add Vetiver, Cypress or Rosemary essential oil in their aftershave or tonic lotion.

Room Fragrance

Essential oils's usesAdd 4-8 drops in a bowl of an aromatherapy essential oil burner. Fill it with water and put it over a candle. It is the ideal natural way to kill every smell. Sage, Laurel and Eucalyptus are used to clean microbes in the air, while Lemon, Mandarin, Orange and Pennyroyal essential oils are used to clean room air from tobacco smoke and make a pleasant atmosphere.


Essential oils's usesEssential oils invigorate the scalp and take care of hair follicles contributing to better hair health and appearance. Camomile and Lavender oil are suitable for very dry and weathered hair. Add 3 drops into 6 ml hot massage oil and lightly rub your head. Then after giving your head a rinse with a shampoo, muffle your head with a towel for 20 minutes and. You can also add the aromatherapy essential oil of your choice to the conditioner or to the final rinse. For grassy hair try Camomile, Cedar wood, Geranium or Mandarin essential oil. Cedar wood, Rosemary and Laurel oils are used for hair lose (for men and women), while Rosemary and Cypress are appropriate as a hair tonic.

Facial and skin care

Essential oilsAromatherapy essential oils help sebaceous glands to function properly improving the whole skin health. Add 2 essential oils drops every 6 ml of cleansing cream, tonic lotion or milky water and create your unique cosmetics. You can make mixtures that can last for weeks, but remember that essential oil’s attributes are more effective when the blend is fresh.

Babies and Children Care

Essential oils' usesAromatherapy essential oils are very wholesome and beneficial for babies and children as far as they are used carefully. Before applying them to their sensitive skin, essential oils should be diluted into cleansing cream or water. For babies, it is better to add only 1 drop of essential oils into 10 ml of cream. Respectively, add 1 drop for every 6 ml of cream, lotion or milky water for children (half of the adult’s dose). The children’s deep sleep can be facilitated by Lavender essential oil, while Mandarin calms and soothes.

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