Base Oils

Base oils are used in aromatherapy in order to dilute essential oils so that they can be safely applied to the skin. Base oils are often referred to as carrier or vegetable oils because they are “carrying” the essential oils to the skin and they derived from various nuts, fruits and seeds of certain plants. The best base oils are extracted adopting the “cold pressed method”. In this technique the seeds, fruits or nuts are expressed without external heat producing pure carrier oils rich in vitamins and minerals that conserve the therapeutic properties of their source.

Base Oils

Vegetable oils come from plants that grows all over the world and are used for therapeutic purposes, facial treatments, massage, etc. Carrier oils should be used according to each skin type. In most cases, the appropriate vegetable oils for normal skin are Calendula, Jojoba, Apricot and Sesame oil. For dry skin, you should use Avocado, Castor, Rose Hip Seed and Olive base oil and finally for greasy skin the proper carrier oils are Grape Seed, Hazel nut, Almond and Apricot oil.

The base oils can be categorised according to their origin. The most well known carrier oils that comes from nuts are Sweet and Bitter Almond, Jojoba and Walnut base oils, from fruits are Olive and Avocado base oils and from seeds are Wheat germ, Soya and Grape seed base oils.

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