Aromatherapy and Fountains

Working in the spa industry, I can tell you that a great ambiance goes a long, long way toward making your guestscomfortable.Two of the best ways to set a soothing mood, I’ve found, are using aroma therapy methods (especially scented oils) and an indoor water fountain.

Aromatherapy FountainsMost aroma therapy involves diffusing plant oil extracts with heat. The effects and potency of the aroma therapy depends on the plants used, and the combination of plants. Certain plants, when combined with other specific plant varieties, yield incredibly powerful and therapeutic results.

Aroma therapy has been used for centuries as a remedy for stress, headaches, and even disease. Many oils have been proven to have anti-fungal, anti-septic, and anti-viral properties that diminish the amount of harmful allergens and toxins in the air while improving your body’s natural healing abilities. Not only is aroma therapy good for your lungs, but it’s good for your skin and your body’s ability to operate at its fullest potential!

Water fountains are also powerful healing agents. What else soothes your mind and lets you relax quite like the sound of pure, bubbling water? But beyond simply being beautiful pieces of art and sound, water fountains provide certain important health benefits: the cascading water releases healthful negative ions into the air, which bond with and then eliminate dust particles and other allergens in the air, letting you breathe significantly easier. A wall fountain will also mask unpleasant, external sounds with soothing, multi-frequency “white noise.” This noise lets your guests relax and be at total peace. All the while they are pulling dust and other harmful particle out of the air you breath and creating an environment with clean healthy air to breathe.

Aromatherapy FountainsSpas are wonderful on their own, but with the healthful and aesthetic benefits of aroma therapies and water fountains, a spa can truly become a haven of comfort and healing. Applying these to your spa or your home will create a true escape from everything outside of your immediate center for relaxation.

To learn more about aromatherapy applications read our article on Aromatherapy Massage.

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